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Monkey Books for National Reading Month

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

National Reading Month is drawing to a close, but it's important to read to your kids all year long. Reading for just 15 minutes per day helps kids in all kinds of ways, from improving vocabulary to equipping them for the demands of school when they get older. In fact, the benefits of reading are so important that it is recommended that parents start reading to their kids 15 minutes per day from birth

kids reading infographic

If you need some inspiration to read aloud to your child, check out this list of monkey-themed books! Your child is sure to go bananas for these fun stories, and you can follow them up with a visit to our Orlando indoor playground to monkey around in our jungle of inflatables. 

  • Any Curious George book- Who doesn't love these classic stories of a curious little monkey and the Man with the Yellow Hat? If you grew up reading Curious George, take it to the next generation and enjoy the nostalgia. 
  • If I were a Monkey- This cute and whimsical board book is designed for little ones, and it comes with a fun surprise- a soft monkey tail!
  • Five Little Monkeys, Jumping on the Bed- This one is another classic, and bonus: It's also a cautionary tale about the dangers of bed bouncing, so maybe your kids will stop jumping on the bed and save it for Monkey Joe's! 
  • Two Little Monkeys- Adorable illustrations and a fun rhyme scheme make this a favorite of parents and kids alike. 

What's your favorite children's book to share with your kids?