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Make a Playdate for Bouncy Fun!

Posted on Feb 12, 2016

It's every parent's worst nightmare: The sky is pouring buckets of rain, the kids are going stir crazy, and you have a playdate scheduled! Save the day with a fun, active trip to Monkey Joe's. When you need playdate ideas in Orlando, Monkey Joe's is a dream come true for parents and children.

Every parent knows that the time directly before are a playdate is hectic and busy. You are rushing around the house, trying to get everything tidied up, only to have your hard work destroyed in a matter of minutes once the children start playing. With an outing to Monkey Joe's, pre and post playdate cleanup is a thing of the past.

The indoor inflatable playground lets children enjoy active play year round. You can let your kids run, jump, and climb without the worry that a passing thunderstorm will ruin their fun.

According to the CDC, children need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. With our large assortment of bounce houses, obstacle courses, and play areas, kids get the exercise they need while having a blast with their friends. Our Mini Monkey Zone is a special area specifically for children three years of age and younger; it offers safe, age appropriate play for even the littlest visitors.

Budget-conscious families are able to play worry-free knowing that our walk-in play prices are affordable. If you decide that you want to integrate a trip to Monkey Joe's into your weekly schedule, a Weekday Annual Pass is a terrific option that makes regular visits to our play area even more economical.

Drop the broom, grab the kids, and head to Monkey Joe's when you need worry-free playdate ideas in Orlando.