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Let Kids Play Their Way to Success

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

Bigger Smiles, Bigger Brains

As a parent, we all know that kids need to play. They need to play so that they can have fun and burn energy, but did you also know that play is essential to their health and development? Allowing your child time to play and exercise will contribute to their overall wellbeing for life.

What Children Learn at Play

Playing gives children a chance to develop many of the most important skills such as:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Physical abilities
  • New vocabulary
  • Social skills
  • Literacy skills

Playing grocery store helps them learn math, jumping and balancing will develop their physical abilities, interacting with unique toys will teach them new vocabulary, and playing with new children will allow them to learn essential social skills. And studies show that the more kids are active, the faster their brains develop!

Playing Reduces Stress and Anxiety

You know what it feels like to want to do something enjoyable after a long day at work. Children feel the same way! No matter what the source of stress is, everyone needs an outlet. Giving children a chance to play allows them a space to feel joyful and have fun.

Play and Learning Go Together

Children learn through play so giving them lots of opportunities to play in different environments, with new toys, friends, and people will expand their opportunity to learn through these interactions.

Bring your child to Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando for a unique opportunity to play! Our inflatables will allow your child to improve their physical abilities while they interact with new children and problem solve as they play on some of our more complex inflatables. We can’t wait to see you here!