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How to Improve Your School Fundraisers

Posted on Dec 08, 2015

parent planning kids fundraiserWhen it comes to school fundraisers, you want to get the maximum impact possible for all of your hard work. These events are usually organized by parents working for free, all to give your kids and their classmates a better educational experience or pay for a specific need like sports jerseys or a cool field trip. Fortunately if you're looking for a great fundraiser venue in Orlando, Monkey Joe's is here to help! 

At Monkey Joe's Pointe Orlando, we are the expert on group events for kids in Orlando, from birthday parties to field trips to fundraisers. There are some simple ways you can make your school fundraiser better than ever, so read on to find out.

Choose a great venue

Step one to a successful fundraiser is to host it somewhere that people want to go and might already be going. This makes Monkey Joe's a great option. Our indoor inflatable playground is already a destination for local families who want to give their kids some wild and crazy playtime in a safe, indoor environment. Why not capitalize on what they're already doing anyway? Even for the families who don't normally come to Monkey Joe's, they'll be more likely to come out to an event if it promises to be fun for the kids. 


One of the most important keys to success for any fundraiser (for kids or adults) is to keep the big picture in mind and delegate tasks, instead of getting bogged down in minute details. By hosting your fundraiser at Monkey Joe's, you can remove some of the responsibility from your "to-do" list and let us handle it. Our play and party center is ready to go, with wall to wall inflatables for the kids to play on, a private party room, arcade games, and a snack bar. You don't have to worry about hiring entertainment, finding a caterer, and other concerns because we've got it all in one place. 

Our group event packages keep it simple, so you can spend more time promoting your event and less time on setting up and coordinating logistics. 


Promotion is key to the success of any fundraiser! After all, how can people come out to support you if they don't even know you're putting on an event? When you leave the party planning to us, you can spend your time sending out flyers, writing an email blast, and spreading the news by word-of-mouth. We also provide promotional materials when you book a fundraiser with us, including a poster, flyers, and reminder stickers. 

To book a fundraiser in Orlando, contact Monkey Joe's today! Give us a call at 407-352-8484 or contact us online to learn more.

Photo by nenetus via freedigitalphotos.net