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Homeschool Field Trips in Orlando

Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Orlando homeschool families are lucky to have so many options when it comes to planning fieldtrips. Our town has so many exciting things to see and do, so you can easily plan a full schedule of activities for your kids, no matter what their ages or interests may be at the moment. When it comes to homeschooling your kids, you want them to experience a well-rounded education, and that means that physical education must be included. Monkey Joe's is a great place to bring your kids (or invite your whole homeschool group) for active play that is exciting and fun!

Orlando homeschool field trip

Active Orlando field trips encourage healthy habits

Many kids these days don't get enough exercise, but one of the best ways to ensure that your kids are getting enough exercise is to make it fun! Even adults often benefit from switching up their workout routines to keep things fresh and interesting, and kids are no different. They need the opportunity to experience different kinds of play, to explore new environments, and to meet new people. Playing outside in the backyard is great, but you can also make exercise fun by taking family hikes, taking a sports lesson, or coming to Monkey Joe's! Our Orlando indoor playground is an irresistible mix of inflatable slides, jumps, and obstacles, giving kids the chance to climb, slide, run, crawl, bounce, and play off some energy. 

Group rates for affordable homeschool events

Whether you're planning a homeschool group event in Orlando or just want to give your kids an awesome outing, we have options to make your visits affordable. We offer group rates for homeschool groups, daycares, mom groups, and religious organizations, with the option to have lunch included for a super easy trip. If you're more interested in solo visitis or meeting up with just a couple of friends, consider picking up one of our Frequent Jumper Cards, which gives you 10 admissions for one discounted price. 

Have questions about your visit? Give us a call at 407-352-8484 or contact us to learn more.