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Have a Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving with These Tips!

Posted on Nov 06, 2015

Thanksgiving activities for kids in OrlandoThanksgiving is fast-approaching, and if you're expecting kids at your Thanksgiving celebration, it's time to start planning ahead for a kid-friendly holiday! Read on for some tips to keep the kids happy... We guarantee you the grownups will be happier, too!

Entertain them- Sitting through a long dinner can be tough for little ones, so if you want to enjoy your meal in peace, provide some distractions for the kids. Coloring sheets with crayons and stickers are a classic idea, or you could give them the supplies for a (simple, child-appropriate) seasonal craft they can do on their own. 

Call in reinforcements- If there are a lot of kids in your family, or particularly young/rambunctious kids, you may need to call for backup. Seating a teen at the kids' table to keep an eye on the little ones is sure to earn you some sighs, eye rolls, and protests of "I'm not a kid anymore, MOM/DAD/[insert family member here]." Unless you make it worth their while, that is! Pay one of the older kids to sit at the kids table and keep their little siblings and cousins entertained. They'll love earning some spending money and feeling important, and the kids will feel so special getting to hang out with their older brother, sister, cousin, etc. 

Get active- Traveling, lots of rich, sugary food, and time spent sitting around listening to the adults catch up can drive kids a little stir crazy. Make sure everyone gets up and active after Thanksgiving dinner, and plan some fun activities throughout the week/weekend as well. We'll be closed Thanksgiving day to allow our employees to celebrate with their families, but we're open the rest of the week. Bring the kids for some active fun in our indoor playground, where they can bounce and jump for hours on our inflatables, zip down the slides, and climb around the obstacle course! Pick up a Frequent Jumper Card to save money on admission and show the kids in your family a great time in a safe, clean environment. 


Photo by olichel via Pixabay