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Happy Hearts = Active Kids: 4 Reasons to Exercise

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

Kids and adults today are more sedentary than ever before, and unfortunately that change in lifestyle brings some health risks along with it. Fortunately, your family can make the choice to get moving and enjoy a healthier lifestyle by making physical activity fun and keeping it interesting. Read on to learn why exercise is so important for your kiddos, and share this information with them next time you come to Monkey Joe's for hours of bouncing, jumping fun! They'll have a blast and you'll be able to sneak an educational opportunity in as well. 

Exercise does a body good

There are so many health benefits of exercise, including: 

  • Conditioning your lungs and heart- Exercise is good for your cardiovascular system and doing it regularly can increase your energy and endurance.
  • Building muscle- Want to be big and strong? Exercise strengthens and stretches muscles, making you stronger and more flexible, which comes in handy whether you're taking out the garbage or trying to win a limbo contest!
  • Strengthening bones- Exercise helps bones grow strong and even affects strength and height.
  • Preventing diseases- Regular exercise can decrease your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. It also boosts your immune system so you get sick less often.

Looking for fun, active kids activities in Orlando? Come to Monkey Joe's and let your child explore our indoor playground full of exciting bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses to jump, climb, and slide on. 


Photo by photostock via freedigitalphotos.net