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Everyday Exercise for School Success

Posted on Aug 31, 2016

Many parents know that exercise is good for a child’s body but assume that if their child has to choose between school work and exercise, school should win out every time. An interesting article on the importance of physical activity turns that idea on its head. According to the article, a child who gets plenty of exercise actually does much better academically too.

active play for kids

With school back in session in Orange County, it’s important to make time for kids activities in Orlando that keep kids active. Exercising, taking part in sports, and taking out time for active play aren’t distractions from school work – they’re actually a boost!

As you’re searching for kids activities in Orlando that ensure your kid is active, don’t forget to check out Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando. We offer a ton of options for kids to run around in our indoor playground and burn off energy. You won’t have to worry about heat sickness, sunburn, or other issues that might plague a kid playing outdoors, yet your kid can keep their body in shape – which will in turn keep their mind in shape.

In fact, why not get the whole neighborhood involved? Monkey Joe’s has some great options for you to bring your child to, or you can throw a party! Different party packages include things like supervised playtime, access to a private party suite, drinks for every kid, pizza, balloons – even goodie bags! What better way to throw a back to school party than by doing it at a spot where we take care of the cleanup for you?

Throughout the school year, you can bring your kids to one of our numerous locations. You’ll be ensuring they get much-needed exercise but they’ll see it as nothing more than a day of fun.