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Check Out Our New Frequent Jumper Card Promotion at Monkey Joe’s!

Posted on Nov 17, 2017


‘Tis the  season to be giving, and at Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando, we make giving that much easier! Now through December 24th, we’re running a special promotion on our Frequent Jumper Cards.

When you purchase an FJC through Christmas Eve, you’ll get $10 off the already-low regular price. Since each card is god for ten visits, that means each trip to the Jungle will be just under $8! That’s a savings of over 25% off our regular prices. Not only that, but during this promotion you’ll also receive a free gift with each card you purchase. Gifts are only available while supplies last, so make sure to purchase early if you’re hoping for one!

What can you use FJCs for during the holidays?

  • Giving the experience of family time in the Jungle instead of more toys that will just get broken. The card and the Monkey Joe’s snap charm bracelet make a great present to wrap under the tree.
  • Make one the surprise at the end of a fun scavenger hunt throughout the house--or even through neighborhood leading back to the house, if your kids can manage that.
  • Pick one up for gift exchanges at school. It can be tricky to find a gift that’s suitable for most kids regardless--what better than ten whole visits to Monkey Joe’s?
  • Make one the reward for the top reader, best behavior, or other contests at school to keep kids focused through the holidays.

No matter how you use them, there’s no better time to buy a Frequent Jumper Card at Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando than right now through Christmas Eve!