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Brilliant Tips for Field Trips

Posted on May 09, 2016

There are so many great options for field trips in Orlando, especially for elementary school aged kids! Whether for school, day care, or day camps, field trips add a lot of value to the kids involved, and of course they're fun and exciting too. However, large groups of excited kids in a new environment can easily become chaotic, so it's smart to be prepared. Fortunately with these tips, your field trip is sure to be a success!

school field trips

Volunteer/Teacher Supplies

If you have parent volunteers helping with your field trip, this is a great idea to make sure everyone is prepared. Even if it's just school, daycare, or camp staff, these would still be handy to bring! These goodie bags include hand sanitizer, bandages, tissues, and a card with the names of the students that person is in charge of keeping an eye on. 

Temporary Tattoos

We love this idea for temporary child safety tattoos, which could come in handy whether you are taking kids on a field trip or just a family outing to one of Orlando's many theme parks. It's so simple; just write your cell phone number (or the number of the parent/teacher in charge of the trip) on the child's wrist with a fine-tipped permanent marker. The permanent part is important! Then, cover it with a coat of liquid bandage and let dry. The "tattoo" should last all day, but can be removed later with some rubbing alcohol. 

Kids Safety Cuff

Another great idea for kids too young to remember phone numbers is this DIY kids safety cuff from Scholastic! These cute and colorful bracelets velcro on and off, and would you believe they're made with duct tape? 

If you're planning a field trip in Orlando, Monkey Joe's is a great choice. Kids love running wild in our jungle of fun inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacles, while parents and teachers love that they're getting some fantastic cardio exercise and having a blast in a safe, clean environment. Contact us today to book your field trip or other group event for kids


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