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Active Reading Tips from Monkey Joe

Posted on Mar 31, 2017

Practice Active Reading with Your Kids

It’s the last day of National Reading Month, but we’re not stopping here. Reading is an important skill to encourage in kids, especially as we get close to summer break. How can you become an active participant in your child’s reading lessons?

Active Reading Tips

Active reading is one of the best ways to teach kids the foundations of reading. Active reading helps kids to engage with books, even if they’re not old enough to read the whole thing on their own. This allows them to become better readers and communicators. How does active reading work?

  • Ask your kids questions. This will help them think critically about the book. Ask questions that don’t have a simple yes or no answer, so your kids will have to think about their response.
  • Build vocabulary. Make vocabulary words interesting by connecting them tangibly to real world examples. For example, point to a cat when you read the word “cat” and whisper the word “whisper” to help your child learn.
  • Connect with the material. Did you read a fairytale about solving a problem? Ask your child if they’ve ever faced a similar problem. Does the book address real life issues? Talk to your child about how to respond to bullying, unfairness, or other problems they may encounter in the world.

Active reading is a fun way to help kids learn. Did you know that exercise also helps kids learn? It increases blood flow to the brain, helping kids focus and remember. Bounce the day away at Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando!