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5 Tips for Preventing Summer Slide

Posted on Jul 06, 2017

Stop Summer Slide

At Monkey Joe’s, we’re all about slides. There’s nothing more fun for a five-year-old than reaching the highest canopies of our inflatable Jungle and sliding back to the ground on our soft, inflatable slides. But there’s one kind of slide we want kids to avoid: summer learning slide! How can parents stop summer slide?

5 Tips for Stopping Summer Slide

  1. Make math fun! Have the kids calculate measurements in the kitchen, add up their allowance for chores, and count change for a cup of lemonade at Monkey Joe’s.
  2. Read together. Reading can take kids on a grand adventure, or it can feel like work. So how can you make sure your kids love to read? Start young, read as a family, and let the kids pick books that interest them.
  3. Get creative. Many kids balk at summer homework. Don’t let that deter you! You can help your kids develop a lifelong interest in chemistry and engineering with interactive science projects for kids. The best part? These projects are so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning!
  4. Try something new. Creative pursuits like artwork and learning a musical instrument help kids develop the neural pathways they’ll need to master other subjects, too. Pick up a new skill over the summer to keep your kids’ minds sharp.
  5. Take a break at Monkey Joe’s. Playtime helps kids develop cognitive skills, reduce stress, and become more social. Take advantage of the brain benefits of active play with a day of fun at Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando. We have special summer sessions and no limit on playtime!