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3 Reasons to Visit Our Orlando Indoor Playground

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

Keeping the kids occupied and physically active is one of the main challenges of summertime. When you need somewhere to go so your kids can burn off energy, Monkey Joe’s at Pointe Orlando is the ideal place to be. These are a few of the reasons to bring your kids to our indoor playground

kids exercise Orlando

Affordable entertainment

Monkey Joe’s offers a budget-friendly place to spend the entire day. Our indoor playground is filled with all kinds of inflatables, including slides, jumps and obstacle courses. These inflatables provide kids with a chance to climb around and explore while also having a ton of fun. You can even save on admission by picking up a Frequent Jumper Card good for 10 admissions at one low price.

Physical activity

Jumping and running around for hours gives your kids a good workout that they’ll enjoy. Instead of spending long summer days sitting around at home or in a movie theater, your kids can get plenty of physical activity on our inflatables. This helps keep them healthy and happy all summer long, and it tires them out so they won’t run or jump around inside your home. 

Safe and comfortable environment

Bringing your kids to Monkey Joe’s means you don’t have to sit outdoors in the Orlando heat. You and your kids can stay indoors in an air conditioned environment during the hottest and most humid parts of the day. Coming to our indoor playground also means that you don’t have to worry about dealing with summer nuisances, such as sunburn and biting or stinging insects. 

Keep in mind that our indoor playground is for kids 12 and under and socks are required at all times in the play area. We also have a Mini Monkey Zone for kids 3 and under, which offers a safe play area for toddlers.