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The ABC’s of Family-Friendly New Year Resolutions!

Posted on Dec 18, 2017


Creating healthy, family-friendly New Year resolutions shouldn’t be difficult. Actually, all you need to remember is your ABC’s! Active play, Better snacking, and Creating family traditions are three ways you can make 2018 your family’s best year yet.

Active Play

At Monkey Joe’s Pineville, we are all about kids having unstructured play and getting great exercise. That’s why our Jungle is full of wall-to-wall bounce houses, obstacle courses, and arcade games for your kids to enjoy! The more your kids exercise, the healthier they are. So, bring them to Monkey Joe’s for a bouncing good time. Other ideas for active play include:

  • Dancing around the living room
  • Climbing on a rock wall
  • Playing at a park
  • Riding a bike
  • Participating in a Fun Run
  • Walking at a local trail

But of course, the best kid-friendly venue in Pineville is Monkey Joe’s!

Better Snacking

When you pack your child’s day bag, make sure to add healthy snacks to enjoy throughout the day. When your kiddo has his belly full of delicious and healthy food, he’ll feel better mentally and physically. Beneficial snacks to give your kids include whole-grain cereal, vegetables, and fruit.

Creating Traditions

When your kids get older, they’ll remember the things you did as a family growing up. There’s no better time to start new family traditions! Traditions don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. They can be simple and fun, like planning movie nights, attending sporting events, or playing board games.

Want to help the kids stay healthy and have fun this year? Make playtime at Monkey Joe’s Pineville a weekly tradition. We love being a source of adventure and exercise for young kids. So load your kids and their friends into your car and head to the Jungle today for endless fun. We’re open seven days a week!