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Plan a Special Holiday Birthday at Monkey Joe’s Pineville!

Posted on Dec 04, 2017


Does your little one’s birthday fall near the holidays? While the hustle and bustle of Christmas may speed up time, don’t forget to celebrate your child’s birthday! You can make your kiddo’s big day extra special by hosting her party at Monkey Joe’s Pineville.

How will it be extra special, you ask?

We have a ton of activities that your party guests will enjoy. Some of Monkey Joe’s favorite activities are the same as your kid’s: jumping on wall-to-wall bounce houses, eating delicious concession stand food, purchasing plush toys and prizes, maneuvering through obstacle courses, and playing fun arcade games!

In addition to hosting your birthday party at Monkey Joe’s check out two more ways to make your little one’s birthday special:

Unique Invitations

Kids love getting letters in the mail. And if it’s an invitation to a birthday party, it’s even better! Spend an afternoon with your birthday boy and fill out the invitations for his birthday party. To add a touch of creativeness, let him color on the invitation or envelope! If you’d rather not spend the time, you can actually send invitations through our website.

Dress Up for the Party

Do you want to encourage everyone to dress up for the party? Include it on the invitation! Whatever your theme is – from jungle madness to banana splits – the party guests will love dressing up. And if you ask everyone to wear a certain color (like yellow for bananas), it’ll be easy to spot them as they roam on Monkey Joe’s Jungle.

If you have any questions about a Monkey Joe’s birthday party, please contact us today!