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New Years Resolution: Keep the Kids Active at Monkey Joe’s

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

Making any resolutions this year? Make sure to include the entire family! Resolve to keep everyone, including the kids, in shape this year, and make fitness fun at Monkey Joe's in Pineville!

Fun and fit playtime at Monkey Joe's!

Make Fitness Fun This Year!

The American Heart Association says kids should get at least an hour of exercise every day, and that it should be moderate to vigorous. Playtime achieves that goal! Resolve to make exercise fun this year.

You’ll keep your kids healthy and they’ll actually enjoy exercise!

Studies show that kids who get at least an hour of exercise each day have a lower risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. They have a lower risk of becoming obese as adults and they’ll increase their life expectancy. Promoting healthy habits when your kids are young will help instill those habits in them as adults.

If you exercise with them, you’ll model good behavior. And remember, inactive children are much more likely to become inactive adults.

Family Fun Night

Plan active time together. Go on a bike ride, head to the park, or just dance around the house! And once a week, head to Monkey Joe’s! Our inflatable play area is perfect when the weather isn’t cooperating. It’s always nice inside! Your kids can bounce on the inflatables, enjoy the scavenger hunt and more. And if you have toddlers, they will love our Mini Monkey Zone!

This year, make one of your New Year’s Resolutions a resolution to keep your kids active. Perhaps one day a week instill a ‘family fun night’ where everyone plays together. Take them to Monkey Joe’s if the weather outside won’t cooperate. Our indoor playground is full of great inflatables for your children to bounce on until their hearts’ content! With our Mini Monkey Zone, Monkey Joe's is even perfect for toddlers!