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Monkey Joe’s Pineville and ALSF- Selling Lemonade for a Great Cause

Posted on Jun 17, 2016

We are all about giving back during the month of June at Monkey Joe’s Pineville. We are proud to announce that participating Monkey Joe’s locations have partnered with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to help raise money for childhood cancer research. If there is one thing we love more than bouncy birthdays, it is giving back to the community.

Alex Scott is the founder behind Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

What is Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation?

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” No one has exemplified this saying better than Alexandra “Alex” Scott. Alex Scott was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer, when she was just a few months old. At age 4, after multiple ups and downs, Alex came up with the idea that she would build a lemonade stand to raise money for others with childhood cancer. This amazing girl raised a staggering $2,000 for “her hospital”  at her first stand and continued to hold yearly lemonade stands in her yard to benefit childhood cancer research. In 2004, Alex passed away but left behind a legacy that still lives on today through her foundation, Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Their Mission

Alex’s Lemonade Stand works to empower people, especially children,  to get involved and make a difference in their communities. The money that is raised through the lemonade stands goes towards funding research projects to find cures and treatments for those battling childhood cancer and travel programs for families with children receiving treatments.

We are inspired by Alex’s heart of gold and hope this inspires our guests to give back and make a difference. Visit their website to read more about this inspirational little girl and how you can donate to this powerful cause.