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Make Meetings Memorable at Monkey Joe’s

Posted on Jul 27, 2017

Let the Kids Play

As the school year kicks off, attendance at PTA/PTO meetings is high. Parents are caught up in the buzz of back to school, willing to give their time and attention to the items on your agenda. But as the school year drags on, the inevitable dropping off occurs. How can you increase attendance at PTA meetings (and keep it up)?

4 Ways to Increase PTA Attendance

  1. Change the time. Many parents work full-time, and it’s hard for them to get off work, get the kids fed, and head back across town for a PTA meeting at 6:30. Push back the start time to 7:30 to relieve the pressure. Alternating meeting times can also be helpful for parents who have trouble fitting the PTA into their busy schedules.
  2. Keep it cool. Many parents hesitate to sign up for PTA events. Why? They’re worried that once you have their information, you’ll never stop calling! Encourage parents to help out, but don’t put on the pressure if they say they’re busy. Keep a list of which parents have helped at which events. The more they help out, the lower they should be on your phone tree to prevent PTA burnout.
  3. Supply dinner. It’s hard to pay attention when you have a rumbly tummy, even when you’re an adult. Order a pizza or institute a potluck to take dinner off parents’ plates.
  4. Eliminate the need for a babysitter. Many parents skip PTA meetings because they can’t find childcare. But schools often don’t have room for babysitters in their budget. What’s the solution? Plan your PTA meeting at Monkey Joe’s! You can reserve a private party room for your PTA meeting while the kids bounce around as much as they want for just $9. That’s unlimited play time for less than the cost of one hour with a babysitter! Ask a few parent volunteers to keep an eye on the kids, and meet with the knowledge that none of your little ones will get bored.