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Celebrate Heart Health in February!

Posted on Feb 11, 2016

Did you know that the month of February is American Heart Month? The American Heart Association (AHA) sponsors this important month to raise awareness and grow understanding of cardiovascular disease. The AHA is committed to building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. They do this by partnering with volunteers across the country and offering education on preventative measures like how to make healthier choices. This is important not only for adults but for children. Heart disease can be prevented by instilling healthy habits in our children at a young age. When our kids create and stick to healthy habits at a young age, they are more empowered to continue with healthy choices later in life!

At Monkey Joe’s, we are advocates for healthy kiddos and that starts with parents helping their kids create healthy habits at home. When children see their parents commit to routine exercise and a well balanced diet they are more likely to do the same. Not sure you can convince your kids to start exercising? Then Monkey Joe’s is the place for you! When kids visit Monkey Joe’s indoor playground, they are having fun playing with other kids. But they are doing more than that, they are also bouncing their way to a healthier heart! When they bounce, climb, and slide through Joe’s jungle of inflatable obstacles courses they are exercising their bodies and helping their heart grow strong!

Join us in celebrating American Heart Month by visiting Monkey Joe’s with your kids and showing them that creating healthy habits can be fun!