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Are You Teaching Your Kids Healthy Habits?

Posted on Jan 23, 2017

In the midst of cold and flu season, the last thing you want is for your kid to come home sick from school. That's why these healthy habits and precautionary measures are absolutely necessary to start teaching your kids! While kids will be kids and they don't understand the full power germs can have, they can definitely pick up on these preventative measures. Here are our top 5!

  • Wash the hands. Let's face it; kid's hands are yucky! They touch so many surfaces, people and objects throughout the day, and unknowingly place their hands in their mouth by default. So get them in the habit of washing their hands at least 5-10 times a day. And since they learn from the parent, make sure you're also doing it often. Use warm water, wash up the wrists, and wash for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Use that elbow. There's nothing worse than watching a child sneeze or cough into the air! Airborn germs can spread up to 10 ft; so encourage them to use their elbow as much as possible. That way it's not all gathered up in their hands!
  • Toss the tissues. Kids have this horrible habit of throwing the things on the floor and missing the trash can. But with tissues, it's an absolute must that they hit the trash! Bacteria can live for more than 2 hours on a used tissue; so get those things in the garbage!
  • Sharing isn't always caring. Say what now? Yes, there are certain hygiene items that should not be shared! A few of these items include hats, toothbrushes, straws, cups and more. Encourage your kids to keep these items to themselves. 
  • Close the seat. Every time a toilet is flushed, small droplets of water disperse from the inside of the bowl. So make sure the lid is always closed, since your bathroom needs to be one of the most if not the most sanitized area in the house!

While there's plenty more preventative health tips out there, we think these 5 are a pretty good start. As a reminder, we use Swisher hygiene at Monkey Joe's Pineville, which sanitizes our jumps and obstacles on a daily and weekly basis. For more on how to instill healthy habits in children during cold and flu season, head to WebMD.com.