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4 Fun Ways for Kids to Boost Their Brainpower

Posted on Jun 09, 2017

Get Cooking on Summer Learning

At Monkey Joe’s, we love watching kids have fun slipping, sliding, and gliding around our inflatable Jungle. Bouncing around is good for kids brains, good for their social skills, and great for putting big smiles on their faces. But there’s one kind of summer slide we don’t like: the mental kind! When kids let learning slide over the summer, they can lose up to one month of math, science, reading, and vocabulary skills. So how can parents prevent summer slide (while still letting kids have fun)? We have some ideas!

4 Fun Ways for Kids to Boost Their Brainpower

  1. Get cooking. Not only does it help Mom and Dad, getting the kids involved in the kitchen teaches them about the mathematics of measurement, the science of combining food, and how to read recipes. Not to mention it’s fun!
  2. Play games. Board games help kids learn about strategy and problem-solving, and flash card games help kids hone their memories and concentration. Crafts are also a fun way to boost kids’ creativity and teach them about colors, designs, and even the principles of engineering.
  3. Explore the great outdoors. There’s a lot to learn right outside your door. Take a walk around the neighborhood, identifying the different plants and creatures you see. Have the kids plant their own vegetable garden. Take a walk in the woods, marking your path, and see if your child lead everyone home.
  4. Read. Studies show that kids who read are more empathetic, more imaginative, and learn more quickly. Take your kids to the library and let them choose their own books. If your child struggles to read, try reading aloud as a family or making up a story of your own to teach your kids better communication skills and help expand their vocabulary.

Ready for a break? Bounce around Monkey Joe’s Pineville to let those summer lessons sink in!