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Trick-or-Treat-or-Not: Halloween Alternatives for Families

Posted on Oct 06, 2017


Trick-or-treating on Halloween is traditional, but it isn’t always the best choice for your family. Toddlers, kids with mobility or sensory issues, and families who don’t live in safe or walkable neighborhoods might prefer fun that doesn’t involve going door-to-door. Here are some trick-or-treat alternatives from 

Monkey Joe’s Copperfield Crossing!

  • Host a Party! Bring the fun to you by hosting a kid-safe shindig of your own. Get together with family friends for sweet treats, party games, and costumes. Put some age-appropriate Halloween movies on in the background. Consider Harry Potter, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie, Casper, and Frankenweenie.
  • Find an Event. The Houston area has no shortage of exciting events for families and kids! Check out some or all of them; many are free or low-cost. Halloween events mean kids get the excitement of dressing up and going somewhere special, without the hassle of walking door-to-door.
  • Pass out Candy. Very young or shy kids may just want to stay home and pass out candy, and that can be just as fun! You can still wear costumes and decorate the house! Make a game out of it as a family by guessing what trick-or-treaters are dressed as.

And don’t forget: you can always visit Monkey Joe’s Copperfield Crossing! Make sure that your costumes are safe for bouncing, with no sharp edges that could hurt someone and no big pieces that could knock over other kids. And don’t forget to wear socks. Celebrating Halloween in the Jungle means no worrying about rain or traffic!