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Time for Toddler Tuesday!

Posted on Feb 09, 2017

Parents Love Toddler Tuesday!

Are you looking for fun and exciting activities to do with your toddler? If so, Toddler Tuesday at Monkey Joe’s in Copperland Crossing is the perfect place to go. Our family fun center offers multiple inflatables that give your toddler the chance to jump, climb, slide, and have lots of fun. You also will find a full-service concession stand and a variety of exciting arcade games. We even have a Mini Monkey Zone with age-appropriate slides and jumps, so toddlers can play happily, and parents can watch free of the worry that rambunctious older kids may accidentally knock them down. Best of all, a day at Monkey Joe’s provides your toddler with lots of exercise. Regular physical activities at a young age can lead to a healthy lifestyle as they grow older. This provides some great benefits, such as:

  • Building Muscles - The more exercise your child gets, the stronger his muscles and heart will become.
  • Improves Flexibility - As your child jumps, climbs, and bounces from inflatable to inflatable, she will be improving her flexibility every step of the way.
  • Teaches Healthy Habits - Developing a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity will help your toddler make healthy choices as he grows older.
  • Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes - Type 2 diabetes is a serious ailment that affects more than a million children across the country. Daily playtime that includes physical activity--like the kind you can get at Monkey Joe’s--can help reduce your child’s risk of type 2 diabetes.

Get special discounts and big fun when you bring your toddler to Toddler Tuesday at Monkey Joe’s in Copperland Crossing.