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Peel Kids Off the Screen!

Posted on Jul 06, 2017


It’s so easy for summer vacation to turn into an endless marathon of screen time: movies, video games, TV shows, computers, tablets--you name it! How do you convince kids to put down the screen this summer? Here are some tips.

  • Set a Good Example. How much time do you spend looking at a screen at home? Kids look to parents for good examples of how to behave, so make sure to practice what you preach. This is probably the hardest tip to follow!
  • Declare “No Screen” Times. Make rules about when and where screens are or are not allowed, and make sure everyone sticks to it (including parents). Obvious examples include the table, but also consider limiting screens to just one room of the house.
  • Encourage Other Activities. Replace screen time with other fun things to do, ideally active ones that will get their bodies and brains moving. This might be a great time to bring kids to Monkey Joe’s, where they’ll bounce, jump, and slide so much they won’t have time to think about screens!
  • Enforce It! This is also a tough one, but make sure you stick to your guns. It’s ok to compromise for special occasions (long plane rides, for instance), but in general, keep to the rules. This is probably going to make you unpopular with kids for a while, but eventually the rules will become habit for your whole family, and kids will find new things to do rather than playing on screens all day.

A day at Monkey Joe’s Copperfield can be a great distraction from new screen rules, or a reward for a week without breaking them. Come see us whenever we’re open!