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Our Winter Play Dates Rock!

Posted on Jan 25, 2017

You never really know what to expect with the winter season comes. You can guarantee that the temperatures outside will drop; but if there is going to be snow or other forms of precipitation we never really know. With it being cold, you don’t want your children to be outside playing. You do want them to be active, but it can be very difficult to have happen during the winter. That’s why it’s always good to schedule a winter playdate with some of your child’s friends, but where is a good place to have this playdate? The perfect place to have it is at Monkey Joe’s in Copperfield Crossing!

Monkey Joe’s is an incredible place where you will find wall-to-wall inflatables, arcade games and a lot of room. You will love seeing the children run, jump, bounce, and laugh and have an overall time when you bring them here! One thing is for sure, you won’t have to clean up after this playdate and the children will be tired from all of the fun they’ve had! When you’re planning a winter playdate, there are some things that you should try to remember to do. Here are some tips just in case you may have forgotten!

1. Get your child involved. Ask your child who they’d like to come. You don’t want to invite anyone they aren’t going to play with.
2. Prepare your child. It’s good to have your child take a nap and have something to eat before they come. This will ensure they are rested and that they have energy to expend while they are here.
3. Have your camera ready. It’s nice to capture the laughter and fun the children will be having. Make sure you have your camera ready to snap some shots whenever you can!