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National Literacy Month at Monkey Joe’s Copperfield Crossing

Posted on Sep 14, 2016

As children reach different stages in life, they learn and develop skills that they will use for the rest of their life. First they walk, then they talk, and eventually comes reading and writing. From bedtime stories to recipes in the kitchen, reading is a fundamental skill that we believe should be shared and embraced with our local families.

September is National Literacy Month

During the month of September, we celebrate National Literacy Month- a celebration of literacy, sharing resources, and educating those in our community who have not learned how to read. With over 30 million Americans reading below basic literacy levels, we think it’s time to make a change and that change starts with our youth.

Set Reading Incentives

It's National Literacy Month and Monkey Joe's is celebrating!In school, children read textbooks and stories on a daily basis, but it is important to encourage them to read at home. Set at-home reading incentives to keep your kids motivated to explore new books and grow their love of reading.

  • Make Bookmarks- There are a ton of DIY blogs and how-to’s on Pinterest for creating bookmarks. Head to the craft store for supplies and make it a weekend crafting project!
  • Have a Popcorn Party- Set aside 20 minutes a day for fun reading time. During their reading time, pop some popcorn, make a comfy pallet and let them relax with their favorite stories. Popcorn is a healthy snack that won’t spoil their dinner, is inexpensive, and best of all, it’s delicious!
  • Create a Reading Log- Make a reading log as a visual for your kids to see how much they are reading. You can find large poster board at any supermarket or convenience store and can mark your chart with fun stickers or colorful markers. Set goals (ex: read 100 pages and get a prize) and create incentives for the kids to look forward to, like a trip to Monkey Joe’s in Copperfield!

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