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Don’t Let Holiday Stress Get You Down!

Posted on Nov 17, 2017


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you know what that mean--family visits, frantic housecleaning, and tons of turkey. The holidays are supposed to be about spending time with the people who matter, but it’s so easy to be caught up in the chaos of preparations instead. Before the season gets you down, check out these tips to manage holiday stress from Monkey Joe’s Copperfield Crossing!

  • Manage Your To-Do List. First of all, make sure you have a list! It will be easier to keep track of everything if it’s all written down. Delegate tasks to your family, or hire outside help if you need to, especially with cleaning. Even kids can help with age-appropriate tasks, like picking up their toys or putting out the fancy silverware.
  • Prep for Guests. Make sure there’s space for guests to put their coats, cars, and toiletries. Put together a list of things they can do for fun in town, either with your family or by themselves. Don’t forget to ask about allergies and breakfast preferences ahead of time!
  • Get Out of the House! When parents are feeling overwhelmed and kids are bummed out by the holiday insanity, remember to take a break. When you visit us at Monkey Joe’s Copperfield Crossing, kids will get a chance to burn off extra energy, parents can relax in the Parent Zone, everyone can get some snacks, and the whole family will feel refreshed and happier afterwards.

Remember, Thanksgiving is about spending time with the people who matter. From our family at Monkey Joe’s to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday!