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Back-to-School Tips With Monkey Joe’s Copperfield Crossing

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Monkey Joe's wishes everyone a great year back at school!

The start of a new school year can be a hectic time for both parents and children. Learning new bus schedules, getting homework assignments completed and signing up for fall activities are only a few of the tasks on every family’s to-do list. The transition from laid back summer schedule into busy back-to-school schedule can be difficult and there is always one thing that seems to fall victim to the new routines- your child’s backpack.

From early morning rounds of hide-n-go seek searching for your child’s backpack and assignments, to finding science experiments from lunches the week before, children’s backpacks are put through the ringer. In an effort to start the 2016-2017 school year out in an organized fashion, Monkey Joe’s Copperfield Crossing is here to help with a 3-step method to keeping an organized backpack all year long.

3 Steps to Staying Organized

  1. As a part of your end of the week routine, sit down with your child and go through their backpack one section at a time. Re-evaluate whether or not they need certain homework papers, books, projects or other loose assignments you find they have accumulated. Old news? Throw it away. Needs to be kept? Organize loose papers in folder to help them build good habits.
  2. Most teachers will request that their students organize their folders in a certain way or color code. Check that each folder is organized with the correct assignments and do the same with their backpacks. Assign larger pockets for items like books or big binders, smaller pockets for single folders, and the smallest pockets for supplies like pencils, crayons, etc. Labeling the inside of the pockets and their folders with a color or name is a great way to remind your student what goes where.
  3. Motivation is key to building good habits! Make your weekly backpack check a Friday afternoon routine before they go out to play and start their weekend fun.

Once the weekly purge is complete, start the weekend off with a play date to Monkey Joe’s, Houston’s favorite bouncy playground! Open 7 days a week, our venue is a great place for kids to come and let out some energy after a busy week at school. Swing in and go bananas at Monkey Joe’s!