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A Bit of Normal in Houston After Harvey

Posted on Sep 15, 2017


Hurricane Harvey brought unprecedented floods to the Houston area and left thousands with nothing but the close on their backs. But out of the tragedy, we saw a nation come together to help their friends, family and complete strangers alike.

When we heard about two displaced families being relocated to Copperfield Crossing and with the spirit of lending a helping hand to those in need, we decided to help out the best way we knew how. At Monkey Joe’s, we love being able to provide endless hours of fun for our local little ones.

We thought about how we could make an impact on the lives of these six children who had just lost everything. And while we could not give them back their homes or their possessions, what we could give was a few hours of normalcy.

After talking to the pastor at Crossbridge Christian Church, we decided to invite the evacuees to Monkey Joe’s for a day of fun in our indoor bounce house. After the kids had a day of fun,
escaping the difficult new reality they faced, one of their parents remarked:

"Being displaced, with children, is a burden. But, you have given us the time to allow our kids, to be kids. To allow our children to feel normal, for anytime, is worth so much. Thank you again from the evacuees of Hurricane Harvey at Cross Church."

Here at Monkey Joe’s Copperfield Crossing, we realize that we are nothing without our patrons. The people who enjoy our bounce houses, slides and games are our own neighbors and we are proud to provide joy to our community. It’s going to take time for things to go back to normal, but with everyone coming together to lend a hand the best way they can, we’ll rebound and rebuild.
If you’re interested in helping those displaced by Hurricane Harvey, please check out the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.