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3 Keys for Birthday Success

Posted on Mar 24, 2017

Another year older, and another year to have a great birthday party! As a parent, you know that throwing a birthday bash can be both an overwhelming and enjoyable experience. That's where we come in! Thowing a party has never been easier than with Monkey Joe's Copperfield Crossing, located in Houston, TX. We've got everything you need for birthday success, and that includes a few tips and tricks! Check out these 3 tips for birthday success.

  • Go on an invitation spree! - Though it may seem like an overwhelming task, inviting a lot of your child's friends is important. Chances are, some people won't show due to hectic schedules or previous plans. So, inviting a few extra people is always a great plan to avoid disappointment.
  • Timing is everything - The time of day and duration you plan a birthday for can really make or break it. Be mindful of age groups and things like nap times. Think about aspects like; when do preschoolers typically nap? Or how long is too long?
  • Let us help! - Do you have specific needs for your party? We have package options to accomodate most any party! Our staff is here to make your birthday experience a piece of cake!

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