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Special Needs Night at Camp Hill Monkey Joe’s

Posted on Feb 09, 2016

The last Monday of each month Monkey Joe’s in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania hosts a very special night for some very special kiddos, our monthly special needs night! One night a month we close Monkey Joe’s to the public so we can welcome children with special needs along with their families and friends. So what exactly does it mean when a child has special needs? It just means that they may require a little more help due to a medical, emotional, or learning disability. Some children need the help of a wheelchair while others need the help of a special teacher. No matter the case, our special needs night is for all children with special needs!

Monkey Joe’s special needs night is a stress free evening of play for the kids and a worry free experience for parents. The children can make new friends and parents can bond with each other in a unique setting. There is no advanced booking or reservations needed. We open for special needs night at 6pm-8pm and admission is $5 per child and features two hours of bouncing, jumping, climbing fun.

We hope you will join us for our next special needs night on the last Monday of each month.