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National Autism Awareness Month at Monkey Joe’s in Camp Hill

Posted on Apr 20, 2016

This month is National Autism Awareness Month. Not really sure what what autism is? Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, is a developmental disability affecting an individual’s ability to communicate and interact with others. There are varying degrees of autism affecting each person differently. Today, more than 1 in every 68 children born are diagnosed with autism. With this figure on the rise, it is more important now than ever to understand what autism is and promote inclusion of those with autism.

During the month of April, the Autism Society celebrates a nationwide effort to raise awareness about autism and to promote the inclusion of those with autism in our community! By promoting inclusion, the Autism Society hopes to provide those with autism opportunities to live and work in their communities side by side with others!

At Monkey Joe’s in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, we do our part to promote the inclusion of our community members with or affected by autism. On the last Monday of each month, we host a special needs evening at our playground. During this special evening, we close the playground to the public and open from 6-8pm specially for children with autism and their families. This allows them to be able to play safely with limited distractions. It also is a great opportunity for families affected by autism to spend time with each other! This evening is open to those with autism as well as any other special need, whether mental or physical.

Our monthly special needs night is every month, although our April special needs evening will be extremely special during this national Autism Awareness Month!