Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have previous retail experience to own a Monkey Joe's?

No, previous retail experience is not required but having a friendly, outgoing personality, and exceptional customer service skills are encouraged. Previous business experience and a willingness to have fun are key components for a successful franchise.

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Does Monkey Joe's provide financing?

Yes, financial assistance can be provided indirectly. We have several institutions that work with our franchisees to provide financing.

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Can Monkey Joe's assist me in reviewing my lease?

Yes, our team will help you find and evaluate site selections. We have over 50 years of commercial real estate experience and we're here to help you succeed.

However, when it comes to reviewing a lease, we recommend speaking with a qualified real estate attorney. We have several attorneys who we have previously worked with and know our system. We can provide you with their contact information should you need it.

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Will I be trained to run my store?

Yes, all franchisees must attend and successfully complete the training program provided by Monkey Joe's corporate, at our locations in Atlanta, GA. The cost of training is included in your franchise fee, though travel, food and lodging are the responsibility of the franchisee. All owners and operating managers are also required to attend training.

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How much money can I make from a Monkey Joe's franchise?

We rely on our existing franchisees to supply you with information on this subject and, with some effort on your part; you can put together a fairly accurate pro forma.

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Does Monkey Joe's supply me with an accounting system, daily sales summary system and inventory control system?

Yes, in your Operations Manual, you are provided with accounting, daily sales summary, and inventory control systems. You will be trained on these systems, as they are designed to help you maintain the highest product quality and track your business performance.

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What is the franchise fee for a single store?

Our franchise fee is $40,000 per store.

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Are there any ongoing fees paid to Monkey Joe's, such as royalties?

Yes, there is a 5 percent royalty fee and each store will contribute 2 to 3 percent to a shared marketing fund (exact percentage specified in FDD).

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What is the average investment for a Monkey Joe's?

The average investment is between $918,088 - $1,484,129. The investment varies depending on real estate, lease obligations, and tenant improvement.

*Monkey Joe's Franchise Disclosure Document supersedes any stated figures on this site or any other printed material.

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