Monkey JoeMonkey Joe, a furry purple monkey, lived on a secret island named Coco-nutty Island. All of the monkeys on the island were different colors and some even had stripes. Monkey Joe was a very active and healthy monkey who surfed ocean waves, climbed the coconut trees and skateboarded on slate rock.

One day, Monkey Joe was climbing the tallest tree on Coco-nutty Island and he slipped and fell, but didn't get hurt-- he bounced off a patch of vines and moss that had grown over a hole. "What fun this is to bounce!" thought Monkey Joe.

Monkey JaneHe was so excited about his new found fun that Monkey Joe and his friends explored the island to find more bouncy places for everyone to enjoy. They even found a smooth rock covered by water and slippery algae which made a perfect place to slide.

Monkey Joe eventually left the island to share his bouncing, sliding fun with kids at Monkey's Joe's party and play center. Monkey Joe will even make a guest appearance at your kid's party and other events.

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