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School Fundraisers Made Simple

Posted on Sep 09, 2016


School's back in session, and that means it's time for school fundraisers. Whether you're raising money for school improvements, a class trip, team uniforms, or any other goal, Monkey Joe's is here to help you put the "fun" in your fundraiser! 

Planning an event that is exciting for families will result in a better turnout for your event and more money raised for your cause, so it's important to choose an activity that kids of all ages will enjoy--and that parents will love, too. That's where we come in, with wall-to-wall inflatables that encourage kids to jump, climb, slide, and bounce for hours. They'll have a blast exploring our bouncy indoor jungle of fun, and what parent wouldn't love for their kid to get some active playtime with friends while raising money for the school? 

Hosting a fundraiser at Monkey Joe's 

When you host a fundraiser at Monkey Joe's, all your attendees have to do is, well, attend! We provide discounted admission for your group and you get to keep a percentage of the proceeds from your event. Instead of worrying about the details of planning activities, you can focus all of your efforts on getting the word out and getting people excited about attending.

We can also help you meet your fundraising goals with incentives for kids. If your child's school or sports team is trying to raise money by having the kids sell a product or solicit donations, motivation is key. Kids can earn free admission to Monkey Joe's for meeting fundraising goals, which is sure to get them excited.

Ready to get started planning your school fundraiser? Contact your local Monkey Joe's!