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Kids Birthday Parties Made Easy

Posted on Feb 29, 2016


Birthdays are always a reason to celebrate, but they’re extra-exciting for kids. However, as a parent it can be a challenge to find the perfect balance between treating your child to something special, sticking to your budget, and maintaining your sanity. Fortunately at Monkey Joe’s, we make birthday parties a piece of cake. (Birthday cake, of course!) 

Birthday party considerations

Hosting a birthday party at home may seem like the cheapest and easiest option until you actually factor in all of the work and hidden costs. You're probably going to spend at least a couple of hours cleaning and straightening up your home to prepare for the party, plus time to decorate, which could range from an hour to several depending on how many Pinterest ideas you're dead set on re-creating! Of course there's the party itself, during which you'll need to run the show, prepare and serve food, and figure out some way to entertain the kids. And once the party is over, you'll undoubtedly need to clean house all over again thanks to your sugar-fueled young guests.

Stress less with Monkey Joe's parties

Compare that to a Monkey Joe's birthday party: We take care of the set up and clean up, provide a dedicated party host, give you access to a decorated private party room, and provide the tableware and utensils. No need to worry about planning activities or games, because your child and their friends will be having a blast exploring our soft and bouncy indoor playground, packed with inflatable jumps, obstacle courses, and slides. Because our inflatables are indoors there's no chance of getting rained out. You get to actually enjoy the festivities, and after your party is over, go home to a nice clean house. 

Ready to give your child a birthday to remember? Find your local Monkey Joe's indoor playground and book a party online!


Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay