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Family Resolutions for 2016: Prioritize Family Time

Posted on Jan 15, 2016


They say time flies when you're having fun, and that's doubly true as a parent. Sometimes it's impossible not to look back and wonder where the time went, and how your little babies have grown up so quickly! As you look ahead to the new year and make family New Year's resolutions, here's an idea: Commit to spending more quality time together!

You may be thinking that you already spend a lot of time with your kids, and undoubtedly you do- driving to school and sports, going grocery shopping, making dinner, etc. Just remember that quantity does not equal quality. Here are some tips for making more and better family time in the coming year. 

  • Set a regular time. One great way to spend more quality time together as a family is to set a weekly or monthly "family night" where you and your kids hang out and have fun no matter what. If your family enjoys board games, maybe Fridays should be Game Night! If tacos are a family favorite, start Tuesday Taco Night. Making it creative and fun will help get the whole family on board. 
  • Cut out the things you don't care as much about so you can focus on what you definitely do care about. One of the reasons so many parents feel over-committed and short on time is that they fear saying "No" to things. Don't be afraid to put a premium on time spent at home with your family and limit the number of social, career, community, or charity obligations you say yes to. By comitting to saying "no" to the things that you don't care as much about, you're allowing yourself to say "yes" to the little things that mean so much- bedtime stories, family walks, spontaneous kitchen dance parties, and just being there for your kids. That's not to say that you shouldn't have non-family obligations in  your life; being more selective with your outside obligations can also help you decide what is worthy of your valuable time and dedicate more energy to the causes and activities that mean the most to you.
  • Take time out for fun. It's easy to let the weekends slip away with errands and chores, but don't forget that you and your kids need to blow off stress and have some fun in order to be refreshed for the next week. If you find it difficult to make time for pure fun, it can help to plan an outing or activity each weekend. Bring the kids to Monkey Joe's for hours of bouncy fun in our indoor inflatable play centers, challenge each other in the arcade, and order a pizza for dinner or lunch. Your family will have a blast and both you and your kids will love the memories of your exciting day. 

How will you spend more quality time with your family this year?


Photo by stockimages via freedigitalphotos.net