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Family Resolutions for 2016: Give Back

Posted on Jan 29, 2016


From spending more time with family and making family dinners to getting more exercise, we've been sharing some New Year's resolution ideas your whole family can work on together. Here's our last- but certainly not least- idea for a family resolution to work on in 2016! 

Giving back to the community

With school, work, sports, clubs, housework, family obligations, dentist appointments, and the million-and-one other things parents are juggling, your first thought may be "Who? Me?!" But don't worry, putting a greater emphasis on community service doesn't have to be overwhelming. Take a look at some ways your whole family can work together to give back to your community. 

  • Run for a cause- Charity 5ks and 10ks are a fun way to raise money for a good cause with minimal committment, and most local runs have a "fun run" or some kind of child-appropriate activity included in the event. Enter a run that will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, or sign up for a pledge drive event like Relay for Life. Get your kids to help out by calling friends and family for donations or doing something to raise money, like selling lemonade or cookies. Check out Active Kids to find kid-friendly runs in your area.
  • "Adopt" your street- Have you ever seen the "Adopt a Highway" signs along the interstate naming a local group that picks up trash along that particular stretch of road? Get your kids to help you choose a street in your neighborhood to adopt by picking up trash. Give everyone gloves and bring a trash bag along. Not only will you be helping the environment and beautifying your neighborhood, but you'll also be getting some exercise from walking around!
  • Host a fundraiser- If you've considered running a fundraiser for your child's school or sports team but have never followed through due to the fear that it would be too much work, we've got good news for you! When you host a fundraiser at Monkey Joe's, we make it a breeze. Contact your local Monkey Joe's location to learn about specific fundraiser options and get started with yours today.

Photo by winnond via freedigitalphotos.net