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5 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Kids

It’s fundraising season! Time to raise some funds for your child’s team, troop, classroom, or club, but what if you could do something fun this year? Make this the year that your child and their friends break out of the norm and have a fun, successful fundraising event that they’ll remember forever! We’ve put together our favorite fundraising ideas for kids to get you started.

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7 Things You Can Do to Help Your Kid in School

School is back in session and we’ve been watching all of our little monkeys go off to new and exciting adventures! Now that you’ve (hopefully) had some time to start getting adjusted, you may need a little boost to help your child do well in school this year. Doing well in school doesn’t just come from hours of studying and homework; there are plenty of things you and your family can do at home to help your kid in school and set them up for success.

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5 Ways to Make Homework Fun For Your Kids

Homework doesn’t have to be a drag. Just a few simple things can make homework fun for your kids! Take a look at these 5 tips.

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4 Physical Activity Ideas for Kids

Physical activity is extremely important for your children. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says they need at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day! Your little ones are in some of the most important developmental years of their lives right now (plus, you know they have A LOT of energy!). We’ve put together some little-known facts about the benefits of physical activity for children as well as easy ways to make sure they get enough physical time each day.

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