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Birthday Party FAQs: Do I Need to Invite My Child’s Whole Class?

Posted on Sep 23, 2016


Planning your child's birthday party may seem like a simple exercise, but as many parents have discovered after embarking on this task, party planning is easier said than done. In addition to coordinating all of the details, there are so many etiquette questions! Who should you invite, and how far ahead should you send out the invitations? Do you need to invite your child's whole class or is it OK to pick and choose who gets an invitation? At Monkey Joe's, we're the kids' birthday party experts, so read on for some advice to help you navigate the tricky waters of elementary school social functions.

How many guests should you invite?

The number of guests that is appropriate for your child's birthday party depends on a number of factors, from your child's age to their temperament. Generally, the younger a child is the fewer guests are recommended, since younger kids can get tired and overwhelmed easily. However, if you have an outgoing little one who loves crowds and attention, you might be fine planning for a large event with lots of family or friends. As kids get older, they will probably want to include more friends and have stronger opinions about who should be invited. This is when it starts to get tricky from a parental standpoint.

Do you have to invite the whole class?

Many parents these days choose to invite their child's whole class to birthday parties in order to avoid hurt feelings over being excluded. Whether invitations are handed out in class or outside of school, it's probable that the kids who weren't invited will hear about the party from those who were. Inviting the whole class is a great way to avoid anyone feeling excluded, and at Monkey Joe's party centers we make it easy and affordable to host a party for up to 24 kids. However, if you don't want to invite the whole class, that's fine too--just make sure to talk to your child about how to handle it. If the whole class is not invited, don't hand invitations out at school, and remind your child to avoid talking about the party in front of people who aren't invited. Don't exclude just 1 or 2 children, either; this is a great opportunity to talk to your child about the golden rule and ask how they would feel if everyone got invited to a party except him or her.

No matter what you decide about the guest list, Monkey Joe's can help you plan a birthday party to remember! Check out our party packages to get started, whether you opt for a small gathering of best friends or a big "the more, the merrier" party!