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Be Smart, Stay Cool: Heat Safety Tips for Summer

Posted on Jun 23, 2016


Summer's sweltering temperatures have arrived, but the heat doesn't keep your active kids from playing hard and making the most of their summer vacation! While active play is incredibly important for kids' physical and mental health, it's easy for them to get overheated in the hot summer sun.

Kids have fewer sweat glands than adults, making them far less effective at maintaining their core body temperature and more prone to overheating. A decreased ability to adapt to temperature changes combined with hot, sunny weather and heavy physical exertion can leave kids suffering fromr heat exhaustion, and even the more serious condition of heat stroke.

Fortunately there are some easy steps you can take as a parent to protect your child while still encouraging plenty of physical activity. Check out our infographic to learn why heat safety is important, and how to protect your kids this summer.

heat safety tips for parents

Avoiding outdoor play during the hottest hours of the day, encouraging your kids to drink plenty of water, and providing a shady spot to rest are all important safety measures to help your family stay cool this summer. However, we know that kids have a lot of energy to burn off, and sometimes they just need to run wild! For days when your kids need to get moving despite the heat or weather, Monkey Joe's is here. 

Bring your kids to our jungle of inflatables for an afternoon of adventure... all in the comfort of a safe, clean indoor playground. To find your nearest Monkey Joe's, visit our Location page

Photo by FreeWorld via Pixabay